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Are you aware of the dental dangers of cavities? Cavities arise when holes in your tooth enamel are formed and tooth decay spreads to the point that further oral health damage can occur. If left untreated, bacteria can enter into a tooth and cause pulp infection and potential tooth loss. Thus, the decaying material must be eradicated, and the tooth must be filled in with a dental filling.

If you wish to improve your oral health care, it is important to make sure that all cavities are eradicated as soon as possible. If you do have a cavity, consider the benefits that composite dental fillings can provide. Not only are they extremely effective for eradicating cavities precisely, but they can also even be matched to the natural color of your teeth. They are durable and often made of materials that are tooth-colored. Hence the name tooth-colored composite. Furthermore, they can be used on teeth that are suffering from cavities that are too small for other dental filling treatments.

Composite dental fillings are extremely popular because they can often be implemented for effective use for decades to come. Even though they typically last about 7 to 10 years, they’re extremely preventative to tooth fracture and can be repaired and replaced many times over without having to remove the original filling. In addition, they do not contain any mercury as dental amalgams do. Composite dental fillings are also better sealants of the margins of teeth, and will not leak. If you would like to speak with your dentist about the durability and construction involving composite fillings or wish to have one placed, visit our office soon.

Restore your oral health to the top of the hall of shining smiles with composite dental fillings. If you are in need of composite dental fillings from our team at David B. Peterson, DDS at our dentist office in Bakersfield, California, please contact us at 661-587-7002 to schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. David Peterson.