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Have you ever been sick before? Have you ever had the flu or a cold? The answer is you probably have. Because we all end up sick from time to time, we know what to expect. However sadly, we are often unprepared. Did you know that being sick can have severe consequences to your dental health? It’s true, so make sure that you are taking the time to help protect your smile by implementing new and effective habits to ensure your smile can continue to thrive. This includes implementing saliva producing treatments and making sure your mouth is properly hydrated and clean.

How effective are your oral health care cleaning routines? Will it be effective if you are suffering from an oral health illness? Although it may be difficult to clean your mouth out while you’re sick because you will have no motivation or ability to feel like you can even move, you still should take a few steps to keep your mouth clean and free of residue.

This is because if you do end up with an illness such as a cold or the flu and end up vomiting, harmful acids in your stomach can come up into your mouth and cause dental erosion. However, with proper cleaning methods, you can help limit the effect that these will have on your teeth. Saliva has proven to be extremely beneficial for keeping your smile safe from dental erosion. To help produce additional saliva, try chewing sugarless gum after meals or eating crunchy foods with high water content.

The pinnacle of oral health includes oral health care during cold and flu season. To book a visit to our dentist office in Bakersfield, California, please contact David B. Peterson, DDS to set up an appointment with Drs. Peterson and Hendricks by calling us at 661-587-7002. We look forward to seeing you smile bright this season.